Bringing you to work

As a tech company, we bring you vpn, devops, it security, availability of services, monitoring and much more Ask for our free analysis of your needs and we will come with a plan!

Servers and Infrasctructure

Where this is just simple servers Windows or Linux and delivered containers we bring you what you need to produce and attack what is important. A platform is not where we stop. You need and we will provide a solution

Support and maintenance

Lifting the weight for you. We deliver Support tailored to you. You need evening support, Daytime support or night support, we can assist. We can build images for your desktops and laptop, give you access to apps on the go etc...

About Us

Started in 2016 the company strived with servicing all the support and service required With the focus to satisfy our clients we make sure to listen and go towards clients need With experience in support, Infrastructure, Windows and Linux, Networking, Monitoring, Security and Cloud we are very efficient and do not charge in the dark. Our moto is to learn in our time and to only charge expertise

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